Malaya Neva River

The Little Neva River in the White Nights

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The Little Neva (Russian Малая Нева, Malaya Neva ) is the smaller right arm in the delta of the Neva River in Saint Petersburg.

It starts at the top of the Vasilievsky Island ( Стрелка Васильевского острова ) and is about 4.25 km long. Its width varies between 200 and 400 meters. The Neva Small is 3-7 m deep. Together with the little Nevka ( Малая Невка ) it flows between the Petrovsky Island ( Петровский остров ) and the Cross Island ( Крестовский остров ) in the Newabucht ( Невская губа ).

On the Petrovsky Island of the Football Club Zenit ( " Senit " Saint-Petersburg Russian ФК « Зенит » Санкт - Петербург / FK ) plays St. Petersburg in the Petrovsky stadium in the Premjer League.

In the Little Neva and the Smolenka the Zhdanovka flow.

The Little Neva is crossed by two bridges, the bridge and the stock market Tutschkow Bridge.

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