Malcolm J. Williamson

Malcolm J. Williamson is a British cryptographer.

Williamson was involved in 1974 and 1975 as an employee of the British Government Communications Headquarters ( GCHQ ) in the development of an asymmetric encryption method. The theoretical groundwork was done in 1969 by James H. Ellis, also GCHQ employees. The breakthrough came in 1973, Clifford Cocks.

Because the encryption method of secrecy subject, the method was invented in 1975-1977 by American scientists as RSA cryptosystem for a second time.


Williamson won in 1968 as a pupil of Manchester Grammar School at a gold price of his participation in the International Mathematical Olympiad in Moscow. He studied mathematics at Cambridge and graduated in 1971. After a year at Liverpool University, he worked until 1982 for GCHQ.

  • Cryptologist
  • Briton
  • Born in the 20th century
  • Man