Malo Island

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Malo is a 180 km ², counting to the New Hebrides island in the Coral Sea, a marginal sea of the South Pacific, which is part of the island nation of Vanuatu. It is located about 5 km south-east of the largest Vanuatu island of Espiritu Santo. Together with Malo and a few islands off the east coast of Espiritu Santo are the islands Vanuatu Sanma Province.

Malo is like most islands in Vanuatu volcanic origin. The highest point Malo peak is about 326 meters above sea level. On the island there are several copra and cocoa plantations.

At the 2009 census 4279 people lived on Malo, mostly on the south and west coasts. In 1999 there were about 3000, 600 of them in the capital Avunatari ( Abnetare ) on the north west coast. The island is due to an archaeological find (stone vessel), which was estimated at an age of about 4,000 years ago when one of the longest continuously inhabited islands of Vanuatu today.