Malta in the Eurovision Song Contest

This article deals with the history of Malta as a participant in the Euro Vision Song Contest.

Regularity of participation and success in competition

Malta adopted in 1971 at the Euro Vision Song Contest, finished in Dublin but only the last place. After another last place you paused in 1972 two years before they returned in 1975 and reached a place in midfield. From 1976 to 1990, Malta withdrew from the competition. Since 1991, the island nation takes but again at the Song Contest and has since been exposed to a single year more.

From 1991, Malta was much more successful than in the seventies. Up to and including 1998 came one every time in the top ten. In the following years the Maltese placements varied greatly. Two second places in the years 2002 and 2005 are compared with a penultimate place in 2003 and a last place finish in 2006. 2007 and 2008, different from Malta in the semifinals. In 2009, the finals, which ended finally on the 22 of 25 seats succeeded. In the two following years, Malta difference just from the semi-finals. 2012 and 2013 succeeded the island, to qualify for the finals, but in 2012 they took a 21th Place. 2013 Malta took an eighth place, which was the best placing since 2005.


Malta has two official languages ​​- Maltese and English - the latter is only spoken by few in everyday life. The first contribution to the Euro Vision Song Contest 1971 was completely carried forward to the Maltese, in the following year the language has been supplemented by a few words in other languages ​​. Beginning in 1975, all the songs were sung in English (2000 Desire but contained some words in Maltese ), yet were in some preliminary rounds all posts besides English - out of competition - also sung in Maltese. From the contributions in 1991, 1993 and 1998 Maltese versions were published.

List of posts

Color legend: - Victories. - A tie to the last place. - Contributions finals.

Total ended yet 14 of the 26 Maltese participation - nearly 54% - in the front half of the table.

National preliminary decisions

So far, all Maltese contributions to the Euro Vision Song Contest have been chosen as part of a televised Trials, which usually took place under the title of Malta Song for Europe, was inspired by the British preliminary decision, the many years the title ( A) Song for Europe. The preliminary rounds were partly, and partly discharged without semi-final rounds.

Preliminary decisions without preliminary

In the first two preliminary rounds in 1971 and 1972 presented on an evening of six artists before a title. Preliminary decisions without preliminary rounds were 1997 ( 16 participants ) and from 1999 to 2002 and 2004 carried out at the constant attendance of 16 in 1995 (18 participants). 2005 and 2006 took part again more singers, namely 22 and 18

Preliminary decisions with preliminary

1975 and 1991-1994 respectively a semi-final was held before the final, in which the - fluctuating 10-20 - number of participants was halved. 1998 were voted out in the first round of the 22 candidates, only two, they came from an existing group of six participants of " newcomers ". 2003 were 24 singers in the semi-final and 16 were in the finals, In 2007, six of the 16 in the final contest.

Voting behavior

Malta was remarkably often countries that at the end performed poorly, a very high score: 1992, Malta was the only country to Luxembourg at all points were, but equal to the second highest rating of ten. In the same year Turkey received eight of their 17 points from Malta. In 1993, the island nation of Luxembourg was over again very generous and awarded ten points out of eleven, all the more surprising because the voting of Malta was postponed for technical reasons on end. In 1994, the Maltese vote was particularly curious; as the twelfth country tuning the three highest ratings were given to countries which until then had no points: 8 to Switzerland ( 15 ), 10 from Croatia ( 26 ) and 12 in Slovakia ( 15 ). However, Romania received his first points, 6 of 14 in 1996 it was again the country that Slovakia was the most points, this time eight of 19, 1997 and 2001, many points on Croatia were above average given: eight out of ten of 24 or 42 Since 2005, always went the maximum ratings to countries that ended up in the back third: 2005 in Cyprus ( twelve out of 46 points ), 2006 to Switzerland (twelve out of 30 ) and in 2007 to the United Kingdom ( twelve out of 19 points ) and 2008 Sweden (12 of 47). Also worth mentioning is that both of Bebi Dol Brazil 1991 ( Yugoslavia) and Love with you by Stone & Stone 1995 ( Germany ) only got a point - both from Malta.


  • Chiara had in 2005 with their contribution Angel internationally a small commercial success, reaching number 95 in Germany and elsewhere in the charts, it had previously made ​​no representative of the island nation. Fabrizio Faniello was a year later, especially in the Asian region successfully with his song I do.
  • Olivia Lewis had participated every year in the Maltese preliminary since 1997 came in 2004, 2005 and 2006, three consecutive times to the second place, before she was allowed to represent their country in 2007.