Malterdingen is a German municipality in the district Emmendingen in Baden-Württemberg.

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Geographical location

The village Malterdingen lies in the Upper Rhine valley in the northern Breisgau between the foothills of the Emperor and the chair of the Black Forest. The county town of Emmen things is about 10 km to the south, the city of Freiburg im Breisgau located 20 kms south.

Neighboring communities

Malterdingen bordered by North Clockwise starting at the Kenzinger districts Hecklingen and Bombach, free office (only the exclave Schlüpfinger courtyard), the Emmendinger district Mundingen (only the exclave Schlüpfinger courtyard), the Teninger districts Heimbach and Köndringen and bars.

Community structure

The municipality includes the village Malterdingen Malterdingen, the homestead Schlüpfingerhof ( non-governmental exclave ) and the living space station bolt - Malter things. Within the area are the disposed villages wells and Stechelkilchel.


A deed of gift of the Emperor Henry II from the year 1016 is mentioned for the first time in the Malter things applies in the meantime as a forgery, though the fact mentioned land swap on June 6, 1004 correctly. But there are traces that point to a far earlier settlement. Around 1864 was discovered in a forest grave mounds from the first Iron Age 1000-500 BC In the Middle Ages the town was one of the successful communities of the Margraviate of Baden - Hachberg and attained a relatively high economic importance. 1418 was the place of Margrave Bernard I awarded market rights. Malterdingen also had the salt and the right of the " Boucherie ". The salt wells near the town hall takes its name from this. Numerous renovated buildings from the Middle Ages still characterize the closed building in the old town.

Viticulture in Malterdingen was significantly influenced by Cistercian monks who in Malterdingen owned land in the 13th century and operated a Hofgut. The area on which is a part of the estate of the VDP member Bernhard Huber is, today Moenchhof mats.

See also Castle Malterdingen


Parish council

The municipal election held on 7 June 2009 resulted in a turnout of 55.6 % ( - 8.5) the following result:

* So far, so no longer started as NML with two seats; ** Civic association Malterdingen

Coat of arms

The blazon of the municipal coat of arms is: " In split front plate in gold, a red oblique bar, in the back of a black Rebmesser with blue blade and black handle. "


With the French community in Canton Lentilly l' Arbresle in the department of Rhône Malterdingen connects twinned.

Economy and infrastructure


Malterdingen (2 miles west) connected by the B3, which passes right on the spot, and by the A5 junction with the latch on the national road network. The station bolt - Malterdingen is 2 km from the town center on the western border district on the Rhine Valley line, section Offenburg - Freiburg. The next ICE stops are in Freiburg (25 km south) and Offenburg (45 km north).

Culture and sights


The gatehouse, timber-framed, one of the landmarks Malter thingy, reminiscent of the former market town of Walling Malter things.

The Jacob's Church is to be assigned different architectural styles. Choir and side chapels can be dated in its present form to the year 1517. The geostete tower was rebuilt in 1828 under the planning of Gottlieb Lumpp and has since the typical pyramid roof structure in Weinbrenner style. With a height of 43.5 meters, the tower is the tallest building of Malter things.


  • The football team SV Malterdingen plays as SG Hecklingen - Malter things in the county league A.
  • International success are also the Malterdinger Indiaca teams.

Regular events

  • Malterdingen since 1991, the venue for the annual triathlon in August Breisgau - a triathlon over the middle distance (2 km swimming, 80 km cycling and 21 km running).



Hans Fischer, teacher, former city council (1975-2011) and since 1982 honorary nature warden of the municipality