Maltese general election, 2008

On 8 March 2008, elections were held for the House of Representatives, Parliament of the Republic of Malta.

To the 65 seats in Parliament to apply multiple parties. Due to the electoral law, the Social Democratic Malta Labour Party (MLP ) has been expected in advance that again only two parties would enter Parliament, namely, the Christian Democratic government party Nationalist Party (NP ) under the leadership of Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi and the largest opposition party, under Alfred Sant. In addition to these two traditional parties, the two smaller parties competed nationally: the green Alternattiva Demokratika (AD) and the right-wing Azzjoni Nazzjonali (AN).

For the result of the last election, see: List of Members of Parliament of Malta (10th Term).

Polling stations are open from 7:00 traditionally clock 22:00 clock. Due to the bad weather, the Election Commission to hold the polls in 2008 to 23:00 clock openly decided.

Election results

The Maltese electoral system based on the system of transferable Einzelstimmgebung (STV). There are 13 constituencies in each of five seats are allocated. However, a party that reaches across the country, a majority of the vote ( popular vote), without at the same time to win a majority of seats in the constituencies, as many additional seats that it comes to a majority in Parliament.

This was the case in the 2008 elections. Although the Malta Labour Party won 34 seats and the Nationalist Party ( paints Partit Nazzjonalista PN) only 31 total, had the NP, however, a narrow margin of 1,500 votes It garnered nationwide 49.3 percent, while the MLP to 48, 8 percent came. For this reason, the NP were awarded four additional seats in parliament, so that they total 35, the MLP was 34 seats.

A major reason for the defeat of the MLP was there also the good performance of green Alternattiva Demokratika who achieved the second best result in the party's history with 1.31 percent, but without reaching a seat in parliament ..

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Government formation

On 12 March 2008 Lawrence Gonzi was sworn in as Prime Minister for the 11th legislature.