Malvar (Batangas)

Malvar is a Philippine municipality in the province of Batangas.


The municipality is located 68 km south of Manila and can be reached from there via the STAR Tollway. Malvar bordered to the north Tanauan City, to the east of Santo Tomas, on the south by Lipa City and to the west by Balete.

Origin of the name

The municipality is named after General Miguel Malvar. Miguel Malvar was the last Filipino general of the 1902 capitulated in the Philippine-American War.


Malvar is known for Calejon waterfalls. This natural attraction consists of two large waterfalls and two smaller waterfalls. One of the larger ones is 3 to 4 m high. A large amount of water flows through this part of the falls and collects in a shallow pool. The other part, also about 3 to 4 m high is similar to a wedding dress. One of the two smaller waterfalls is similar to a shower, the other of the two smaller cases consists of many small cascades. The waterfalls are located in a 300 m² area.


Malvar is politically subdivided into 15 barangays.

  • Bagong Pook
  • Bilucao (San Isidro West)
  • Bulihan
  • San Gregorio
  • Luta Del Norte
  • Luta Del Sur
  • Poblacion
  • San Andres
  • San Fernando
  • San Isidro East
  • San Juan
  • San Pedro I ( East)
  • San Pedro II ( West)
  • San Pioquinto
  • Santiago

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