Mamercus Aemilius Mamercinus

Mamercus Aemilius was a politician of the Roman Republic from the gens Aemilia. He served in the 30 years of the 5th century BC, several high offices.

Livy characterizes Mamercus Aemilius as a " [ s ] man of the highest dignity " ( vir summae dignitatis ), who was elected in the year 438 BC to the military tribune with consular power. The following year Aemilius served as dictator ( dictator rei gerundae causa ) and waged war against the inhabitants of Veii and Fidenae. After the victory he held a triumphal procession.

A second time Aemilius was 434 BC used as a dictator to set legal regulations for the ten years before, introduced censorship. He set the maximum term of five years down to 18 months and was in favor of the later censors offset (that is, he had to pay higher taxes ) under the Aerarier. For the year 426 BC Livy provides a third dictatorship of Mamercus Aemilius, during which he conquered the city Fidenae again and to have led a further triumph. This message is seen by the research as fictional.

His full name is, according to tradition in Livy Mamercus M. Aemilius f Later traditions write him the cognomen Mamercinus or Macerinus to, but which is not attested. Diodorus gives its name to deviant than Manius.