Man on the Moon (film)

  • Jim Carrey Andy Kaufman / Tony Clifton
  • Danny DeVito: George Shapiro
  • Courtney Love: Lynne Margulies
  • Paul Giamatti: Bob Zmuda / Tony Clifton
  • Vincent Schiavelli: Maynard Smith
  • Jerry Lawler: itself
  • Doris Eaton Travis: Eleanor Gould
  • Gerry Becker: Stanley Kaufman
  • Leslie Lyles: Janice Kaufman
  • Peter Bonerz: Ed. Weinberger
  • George Shapiro: Mr. Besserman
  • Tom Dreesen: Wiseass Comic
  • Bob Zmuda: Jack Burns

Man On The Moon (Original Title: Man on the Moon ) is a film directed by Miloš Forman about the life of comedian Andy Kaufman U.S.. The main role is played by Jim Carrey. The supporting roles are filled by, among others, Danny DeVito, Courtney Love and Paul Giamatti. The film music was part of R.E.M. ( inter alia, " Man on the Moon " ) contributed.


The young Andy Kaufman since his childhood dreams of performing at the stage. His first appearances in nightclubs are not crowned with success.

But one night he convinced the audience with witty imitations and its representation as Elvis Presley. After the show, the manager George Shapiro comes to him and appreciates his talent. Andy says of himself that he is not a comedian, but just a man who wants to captivate the masses. Soon after, he travels to Hollywood and George offers him in the sitcom "Taxi" to play a role. At first he refuses, but because it is his only chance to get into show business, he takes his role but still on. However, it represents the condition that the nightclub singer Tony Clifton gets cameos. First, it is hard to decipher who is Tony Clifton until it turns out that it is Kaufman's alter ego or is played by Kaufman's friend Bob Zmuda.

In his role as Latka Kaufman captured in the sitcom "Taxi ," the hearts of the viewers, but he finds his role shameful. He disguises himself as Tony Clifton and sabotaged the rotation shots to be fired.

With the help Zmudas he makes a wrestling show in which he fights only against women. The first respondent is Lynne Margulies, with whom he fell in love then. In his role he offended many, and finally calls him Jerry Lawler to a real fight. Here, Kaufman injured in the neck. The two meet again in the show Late Night With David Letterman, where they begin to argue again and attack each other. It turns out that the whole thing was just staged.

Kaufman and Margulies move into a new house, where he noticed a knot at the neck, he holds first for a cyst or something similar. Shortly thereafter, he explains to his friends and his family that he is suffering from a rare form of lung cancer.

Finally, Kaufman realized his dream occurs at Carnegie Hall, where he distributed gifts and invites all to milk and cookies. His health deteriorated dramatically and he flies to the Philippines to a " healer ", who, as Kaufman notes, however, is just a phony. At his funeral he calls via video to all attendees, with him to sing This Friendly World.

The film ends with the fact that a year later made ​​an appearance Tony Cliftons looks like he is singing I Will Survive. The camera pans over neon images of Groucho Marx and Laurel and Hardy to Bob Zmuda in the audience, and then to a picture of Kaufman.


  • " After ' Larry Flynt ' awakens Milos Forman once again an icon of the seventies to vibrant life. In the film biography of the genius comedian Andy Kaufman superstar Jim Carrey is at his high fulminant form. The result is an exuberant with enthusiasm and roguery ode to the liberating effect of unrestrained anarchy. " ( Focus on Film )
  • " The film traces Kaufman's life diligently for working the extraordinary artistic personality out and provides an entertaining way the absurd comedy by numbers. Milos Forman's recurring theme of the outsider who fails in the company experiences a more sensitive interpretation. In the leading role brilliantly played. " ( Filmdienst )


Lead actor Jim Carrey has received for his portrayal of 1970s - comedian in 2000, the Golden Globe for Best Actor in a Musical or Comedy and was nominated for a Satellite Award and a Screen Actors Guild Award. Director Milos Forman received in the same year at the International Film Festival of Berlin Silver Bear for Best Director.

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  • The little girl at the beginning of the film is the granddaughter of Andy Kaufman. She played the young Janice Kaufman.
  • The real George Shapiro in the film an appearance as a bartender, the Andy Kaufman explains how to entertain the audience with jokes. Various celebrities attend guest appearances.
  • Danny DeVito's own taxi character is never seen in the film.
  • The film was a commercial failure and played worldwide, only 47 million dollars. The production cost 82 million dollars.
  • Today's WWE commentator Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler have a small supporting role in the film. In fact, Jerry Lawler and Andy Kaufman feud had led a program that is now regarded as legendary in Memphis.