Mandara Mountains

The Mandara Mountains are a volcanic mountain range in the highlands of Adamawa, along the northern part of the Cameroon-Nigeria border. It extends over 200 km, from the River Benue in the south to a point north-west of the Cameroonian town of Maroua in the north and then decreases in the levels of the Chad Basin.

The Mandara Mountains the rivers El Beid, Ngadda and Yedseram who strive towards Lake Chad and the northern tributaries of the Mayo Kébbi, a tributary of the Benue.

The highest peak is the Oupay with 1494 m, surrounding mountains are the Ramada ( 1321 m) and the Chidlél (1069 m). The average altitude of 800-900 m. The region is densely populated, mainly by speakers of the Chad languages ​​or from the Kirdi.