Manfred Stahnke

Manfred Stahnke ( born October 30, 1951 in Kiel ) is a German composer and musicologist.

He writes chamber music, orchestral music and stage works. He also expresses itself in a variety of fonts.


Manfred Stahnke grew up ( nut Lyck in East Prussia, father of Mierau at Danzig) in Bad Segeberg as the son of East German parents. He learned violin and piano, improvised early, and got the age of 14 theory lessons in Lübeck. At the age of 18 he went to study composition to Freiburg to Wolfgang Fortner. He put in his 21 years with the state exam. Manfred Stahnke continued to study with Klaus Huber and Brian Ferneyhough (then assistant Huber) and went to Hamburg in 1974 to György Ligeti, who became his main teacher. In addition, he received his doctorate in 1979 with Constantin Floros in musicology about Pierre Boulez and studied 1979/80 Computer Music ( John Melby, John Chowning ) and microtonality ( Ben Johnston ) in the U.S. ( Stanford, California and Urbana, Illinois). In 1983 he was awarded the Beethoven Prize of the City of Bonn. Since 1999 he has been a member of the Free Academy of the Arts in Hamburg. He is currently Professor of Composition and Music Theory at the University of Music and Theatre in Hamburg.

He is also editor of various articles and books on musical matters. His collected, constantly updated writings appear in his own publishing house, as well as most of his compositions.

Works (selection)


  • Structure and aesthetics with Boulez. Studies on the formants " trope " of the Third Piano Sonata.

In: Hamburger contributions to musicology Volume 21 ( Diss ), Hamburg 1979, ISBN 3-921029-64-3

  • Manfred Stahnke (ed.): Music - not without words. Articles on current issues of composition, music theory and musicology.

In: Music and, ed Hanns -Werner Heister and Wolfgang Hochstein, Hamburg 2000, ISBN 3-932696-33-6 therein: 121 György Ligeti and Manfred Stahnke: Talk on May 29th, 1993

  • THE TONE TO FIND - writings on music. Topics include: Boulez, Ligeti, Partch, Grisey own works and ways of thinking. Hamburg from 1998
  • New Music 2000 Five texts of composers - from Ernst Albrecht Stiebler / Manfred Stahnke / Dieter Mack / Babette Koblenz / Lothar Voigtländer. Edited by Klaus H. Stahmer, Würzburg 2001, ISBN 3-8260-2056-1
  • Microtones and more - on György Ligeti's Hamburg paths, Edited by Manfred Stahnke, Hamburg 2005, ISBN 3-932696-62- X;

Therein: 207 MeloHarmonik

More releases:

  • 2003: A sound system for an "Internet opera", in: Communications of the Mathematical Society in Hamburg, Vol XXII, 2003, 45-51
  • 2005: (Dis ) Harmony, in: Science and Music. Leopoldina Symposium 2005, Nova Acta Leopoldina NF 92, No. 341, Vienna 2005, 49-61