Maniac (song)

Maniac is a song by Michael Sembello from 1983, which was written by him and Dennis Matkosky. It is part of the soundtrack to the film Flashdance. The title is been adapted from the English word for mania.


The publication took place on 5 June 1983. In the countries of United States and Canada, the song was a number -one hit. 1984, this song was nominated for the Best Song Oscar in the category, but was disqualified because he had not been written specifically for this film. Instead, Irene Cara won the prize with Flashdance ... What a Feeling.

In films such as American Pie - The Wedding and Dance Flick - The very last dance movie you could hear the song. Likewise, the song found its use in a Coca -Cola commercial.

Just as the song Flashdance ... What a Feeling, there is also the video for Maniac from movie scenes from Flashdance.

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