Manius Aemilius Lepidus (consul 66 BC)

Manius Aemilius Lepidus ( * before 108 BC; † 49-43 BC) was a Roman senator of the late Republic of the patrician gens of Aemilius.


He was the son of Manius Aemilius, possibly the mint master of 114 or 113 BC At a time 84-78 BC he was Proquästor in the province of Asia, show how to Delos and Priene found inscriptions. His subsequent career to the consulate is not known; no later than 69 BC, he must have been praetor. 66 Manius Aemilius Lepidus BC held together with Lucius Tullus Volcacius the consulate. Maybe he is to identify with the Interrex Marcus ( sic) Lepidus, whose house was besieged in the riots after the death of Publius Clodius Pulchers 52 BC.

Manius Lepidus it, from the civil war that broke out in 49 BC, managed to stay out. Several letters Marcus Tullius Cicero from the spring 49 mention him. He must have died before the beginning of 43 BC.

Lepidus had a villa such as Cicero in Formiae. His son Quintus Aemilius Lepidus came 21 BC to the consulate. Presumably he also had a daughter who Gnaeus Domitius Ahenobarbus with (consul 32 BC) was married.