Manizales is the capital of the Colombian departments of Caldas and is the main coffee growing region of Colombia Nevado del Ruiz in sight of the volcano.


In pre-Columbian times settled there Quimbaya. Manizales was founded in 1849 by 20 Antioquianern and rebuilt after a devastating fire in 1925 as a modern city. It is the capital of Caldas Departementos and is located in the western Andean Cordillera.


Economic priorities of the city are coffee, cocoa and gold, in addition, textile, match, shoe, beverage and pharmaceutical industries.

Education and Culture

In Manizales, there are several universities, including the Universidad Nacional de Colombia and since 1943 the State University of Caldas. Since 1968, takes place every year in Manizales instead of a theater festival. There is also next to the Gold Museum also has numerous museums of universities, including, for example, the Archaeological Museum, Geological Museum or the Museum of Art with works by David Manzur.


The football club based in Manizales Once Caldas won the Copa Libertadores in 2004.


  • United States Gainesville, Florida, USA
  • Argentina Rosario, Argentina