Mansaku Itami

Mansaku Itami (Japanese伊丹 万 作; born January 2, 1900 in Matsuyama, † September 21, 1946 ) was a Japanese film director and screenwriter, best known next Itō Daisuke and Sadao Yamanaka as a director of samurai films.

Itami was encouraged by his childhood friend Itō to writing screenplays and set of this 1926 together with Iganaki Hiroshi as an assistant director. The following year, Inagaki and Itami employee of a film studio of Chiezo Kataoka, where Itami the screenplay for Iganakis first feature film, Tenkataiheiki wrote, were. 1932 appeared as his first directorial effort Kakita Akanishi, a comedy with the typical Itami satirical view of society. Even in his next film Akanishi Kakita the hero is not a superman, but a samurai who shares the concerns and weaknesses of the little man.

1937 was the film The daughter of the Samurai (also: Love the Mitsu, Brave Little Mitsuko, English:. The New Earth, original title Atarashiki tsuchi ), a German - Japanese production, in Itami with Arnold Fanck directed. After completing the shooting of the film Kyojinden Itami died in 1946 at the age of only 46 years. His son Juzo Itami was known as a director.


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