Mansfield is a town in Nottinghamshire England and seat of the district of Mansfield. Mansfield is located on the River Maun (after which it is named ), between Nottingham and Sheffield and has 70 483 inhabitants (as of 2007).


A settlement existed in Mansfield since the year 70 AD In the Domesday Book of 1086 it is mentioned. At that time in Mansfield, a military outpost for Yorkshire, which still struggled against the Norman invaders some time. In the period of Norman rule Mansfield was then the capital of the Sherwood Forest. Daniel Defoe visited the city in 1725 a visit. Mansfield is coined in the 19th century by industrialization. D. H. Lawrence described Mansfield as once romantic place, which had turned into a disappointing mining town. With the end of the 20th century. incipient crisis in the mining industry and its sequelae has to contend Mansfield. In circles of organized labor is negative in mind that the Mans Fielder buddy did not participate in the years 1984/1985 to the national strike of coal miners. The closure of several mines led to increased unemployment and serious social problems.


The city has a museum. Also worth seeing is the Palace Theatre. In the center of the village is a large market with corresponding shopping.


Mansfield has a cinema, swimming pools and not less than 4 night clubs, as well as numerous pubs and bars. The place is home to the internationally known " Catnamus Girls Choir ". The football team from Mansfield, the Mansfield Town FC, also known as " Stags " known. The traditional rivalry Mansfield with the far -situated cities Chesterfield and Doncaster is essentially based on the opposition between the respective football clubs.


Mansfield was the last stop of the 1819 built Mansfield and Pixton Railway, an early horse-drawn railway, which later became the Midland Railway. Until the 1950s, was on Ratcliffe Gate, a railway station for passenger services on the LNER railway line, while another station on the Cambridge Street was hit by the LNER line up in the 1970s. With its closure Mansfield was the largest town in Britain without a railway connection. In the 1990s, however, the city was again a railway station, which is on the Robin Hood Line between Nottingham and Worksop. Otherwise, the city is included in the network of bus routes in the region, the central bus station but is regarded as a social focus. In long-distance road transport Mansfield is connected to the M1 Motorway London - Leeds.


From Mansfield come from:

  • Holmes Herbert (1882-1956), actor
  • John Ogden (1937-1989), pianist and composer, born in Mansfield Woodhouse
  • John Balance (1962-2004), musician
  • Greg Owen (born 1972 ), professional golfer
  • Richard Bacon ( born 1975 ), TV presenter
  • Rebecca Adlington (* 1989), swimmer

Have lived and worked here as well:

  • Alvin Sturdust ( b. 1942 ), singer and actor who grew up in Mansfield

Twin Cities

  • Mansfield, Ohio, United States
  • Mansfield, Massachusetts, USA
  • Holy House, Germany