Mansoura, Egypt

31.03333333333331.383333333333Koordinaten: 31 ° 2 ' N, 31 ° 23' O

Al - Mansura (Arabic المنصورة, DMG al - Mansura, the victorious [ City ] '), also called Mansura, is a city in northeastern Egypt in the Nile Delta and the capital of the governorate ad Daqahliyya. It is located about 120 kilometers north of Cairo on the eastern branch of the Nile and in 1992 was estimated at 371,000 inhabitants. This makes it to Cairo, Alexandria and Port Said one of the largest cities of Egypt.

Al - Mansura is an economic and manufacturing center, are produced textiles and food. It is the seat of a university (founded 1972) and a Polytechnic Institute.


Mansura was founded in the early 13th century. In 1250, it was during the sixth crusade site of the Battle of Mansura, in which the Christians, the Muslims beat, but shortly after King Louis IX. lost in captivity. The " Dār Ibn Luqman ," Ludwig whereabouts during his captivity, has been converted into a museum.


The Schinnawi Palace, which was built in 1928 by an Italian architect is sometimes referred to as the most beautiful palace of its kind outside Italy.

Sons and daughters of the town

  • Rushdy Said Bughdady Abaza (1926-1980), actor
  • Tawadros II ( b. 1952 ), Coptic Pope
  • Amr Zaki ( b. 1983 ), football player