Manuel Teixeira Gomes

Manuel Teixeira Gomes ( born May 27, 1860 in Portimao, † October 18, 1941 in Bougie, Algeria) was the seventh President of the First Portuguese Republic on 6 October 1923 to 11 December 1925.

Born in the Algarve, he did not finish his medical studies at the University of Coimbra, but was famous as one of the best Portuguese writers in the naturalistic style. His bestbekannter novel is Maria Adelaide. As an independent Republican, he was set up as a candidate of the moderate Liberal Republican Party for the presidential elections in 1923. He beat former President Bernardino Machado, candidate of the Partido Republicano Português. He was forced to resign because of a violent campaign of defamation, the da Silva led the Prime Minister António Maria against him.

Later he went to Bougie, Algeria, from where he never returned to Portugal. But always he opposed the fascist regime of the Estado Novo.