Manus Province

Manus is one of the 21 provinces of Papua New Guinea. It is a pure island province and includes the main island of Manus ( 1554 km ² ) and the remaining 17 Admiralty Islands and the smaller western islands.

Location and population

The Manus Province, off the north coast of New Guinea is the smallest of the country and covers 2102 km ² of land to some 130,000 km ² water surface. It has around 44,000 inhabitants, and is most isolated province of Papua New Guinea. Capital is Lorengau with 5,800 inhabitants in 2000.

A rugged mountain range runs through the main island, which has only a few kilometers of roads.


The Manus Island was discovered in 1529 by Spanish rider Alvaro de Saavedra trade for European culture and called Uray la Grande. Only at the end of the Second World War became Manus some importance as gigantic planned supply base of the armed forces of the United States, which was abandoned and left behind after the war. The cultural impact on the islanders were strong.

Districts and LLGs

The Manus Province has a district. Districts consist of one or more distinguish " areas at the local administrative level ," Local Level Government ( LLG ) areas which in Rural (rural ) or urban ( urban) LLGs.