• Dieter Manz, CEO
  • Heiko Aurenz, Chairman

Manz AG (until 2010 Manz Automation AG) based in the Baden -Württemberg, Reutlingen is an international supplier of integrated system solutions for the production of crystalline solar cells, thin film solar panels, displays (LCD, LED, OLED, touch screen ) and lithium-ion batteries. The core competencies are in the areas of Manz Automation, laser processes, vacuum coating, printing, instrumentation and wet chemistry and in three strategic business areas, " Solar", "Display" and "Battery" will be applied.

In the U.S., Taiwan, South Korea, China, India, Slovakia and Hungary Manz is represented by its own subsidiaries.

Manz AG and Würth Solar GmbH & Co. KG signed on 16 July 2010, know- how licensing and cooperation agreement governing the exclusive licensing of the production technology for CIGS photovoltaic modules from Würth Solar at Manz. In addition, Manz secured the support of Würth Solar in the planning, execution and commissioning of production equipment for CIGS modules in the cooperation agreement. With the acquisition of the CIGS innovation line from Würth Solar on January 1, 2012, licenses and know -how from Würth Solar went - even from the research collaboration with the Centre for Solar Energy and Hydrogen Research Baden- Württemberg ( STW ) - fully in Manz AG about.


Manz AG was founded in 1987 by Dieter Manz, Manz Automation under the name GmbH.

After the IPO in Entry Standard of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange in 2006, in 2008 was admitted to the Manz shares in the regulated market ( Prime Standard). Since Manz had developed over the years from an automation specialist to a provider of integrated production lines, in June 2011, the name change of Manz Automation AG Manz AG.


In 1990, the first automation system for the processing of crystalline solar cells in pilot production was developed. Four years later, the company delivered the first automation solution for the display industry to Asia. In 2000, the first delivery of an automation system for fully automated production lines from crystalline solar cells was carried out. In 2005 the company joined with a system for mechanical structuring of solar modules in the thin film market. In September 2012, Manz presented a CIGS solar module, which was produced on a mass production line and 14.6 percent efficiency on total module surface and a 15.9 per cent in the industry until then had unmatched efficiency on Aperture.

Acquisitions and Location Extensions

On 1 January 2008 ( plants for packaging and film processing ) created the basis for entry into the lithium -ion battery market with the acquisition of Christian Majer in Tübingen. Also in 2008, Manz Slovakia was founded and incorporated Intech Machines ( Taiwanese market leader for wet chemical processes in the production of displays ).

Manz Coating GmbH in Karlstejn, a development center for vacuum coating technology, was founded in 2010.

2012 saw the establishment of Manz CIGS Technology GmbH in Schwäbisch Hall and the opening of a new production facility in Suzhou (China).


  • 54.8 %, free float
  • 41.0 %, Dieter Manz
  • 4.2%, Ulrike Manz

As of December 13, 2013