Maqam (Arabic مقام, DMG Maqām, plural maqamat ) is a term used in Sufism ( Islamic mysticism ). It refers to the " way stations ", which has to cover a God -seeker on his long and painful path in search of God. The term is inextricably linked with hal, the states of the mind, which are the seeker on his way.

Maqam also means the place where a saint ( wali ) is revered and the proceeds from the blessing power ( baraka ) to the believers. The places are either tombs or are in any way with the life of the saint connection. The cult buildings are referred to as qubba.

The classical Sufi manuals, which has developed around the 10th century, have the mystical way stations systematized, to make them accessible to the faithful. These descriptions are very different. However, it is to own almost all the basic scheme that identifies the roadmap as follows:

  • Reversion
  • Remorse
  • Poverty and trust in God
  • Satisfaction
  • Different degrees of love
  • Sufism