Maracena is a municipality in the province of Granada in southeastern Spain with 21.594 inhabitants (as of 1 January 2013) and is 3 km from Granada.


Maracena is an ancient Roman settlement. This demonstrates not only the original name Maratiena, which refers to a Roman citizen Maratius, but also the discovery of a Mühlsteines an oil mill dating from the 2nd century. This was found during the construction of the settlement Casería de los Tito.

During the Muslim period the former Marasana was repeatedly attacked by the Christian rulers, because the location directly adjacent to the capital, Granada was considered strategically and supply technically favorable. Alfonso I besieged the city in 1126. According to the conquest of Granada and the destruction of the Moorish population Spaniards settled that helped over the centuries by Agriculture and Viticulture, and tobacco plantations of the city back to prosperity.


  • Iglesia de la Encarnación dates from the 16th century and is dedicated to the Catholic kings of Spain. Inside the built in Mudejar style building is a Gothic altarpiece.