Marc-Kevin Goellner

Marc -Kevin Goellner ( born September 22, 1970 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil ) is a former German tennis player.


Goellner in Brazil grew up as the son of a diplomat and was living until the age of 16 in Germany. The family name of his parents is Gollner. Since the Brazilian authorities umlauts are unknown, his last name with "oe " instead was "ö " is entered in the birth certificate. Marc -Kevin Goellner is married and has two children.

Tennis career

In Nice in 1993, he succeeded in his first tournament success in the singles, with David Prinosil he reached the final of the French Open in doubles. In the same year he won the German team to the Davis Cup and climbed over 400 places in the world rankings. In 1996 he got together with his doubles partner Prinosil the bronze medal at the Olympic Games in Atlanta.

Overall, Goellner two singles and four doubles title win. His highest position in the tennis world ranking was No. 26 in singles and No. 25 in doubles. His trademark was the wrong patch baseball cap.

As of 2004, Marc -Kevin Goellner operation together with his coach Andreas Maurer in Cologne its own tennis academy, the New Tennis Generation ( NTG ). There he offered to professional training and support on the way to a professional tennis player.

Since 2009, Goellner runs his own tennis academy, the MKG Tennis Academy in Cologne.

Since early 2011, Marc -Kevin Goellner plays in the men's 30 (Regional ) in association TC black and white New Bottenbroich.

Tournament Win


He also reached the final the following: 1996 Bournemouth


He also starred in these tournaments in the finals: 1993 Hall, Roland Garros; 1995 Mexico City, Estoril; 1997 Vienna; 1998 Hall; 1999 Bucharest, Copenhagen, Meran; 2000 Palermo; 2001 Bucharest

Grand Slam singles results

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Grand Slam doubles results

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