Marc Oechler

Marc " Ö" Oechler ( born February 11, 1968 in Nuremberg - Zerzabelshof ) is a former German football player. Since October 2007, the former midfielder Supervisory Board of the 1st FC Nuremberg.

A native of Nuremberg Oechler came as a child in the F- Youth 1 FC Nuremberg, he was in 1986 with the A- youth of the Glubberer German vice-champion (after a 0-2 final defeat against Bayer 04 Leverkusen )

In the 1988/89 season, he was first in the Bundesliga for the Nuremberg used, but only in 1990 under coach Hermann Gerland, he was able to win so much that he became a regular player. Until the descent 1995/96 season he remained a mainstay of the team, but in this he showed below-average performance. Nevertheless, the Club held in the Regional him, where he was able to stabilize its performance again with eleven goals and contributed significantly to the re-emergence in 1997 to the 2nd Bundesliga. There he was until the winter break only a reserve player, but then managed to establish itself as a regular force back into the team and remained so in the Bundesliga the following season. In 1999 he left the club.

Oechler came to a total of 163 initial and 77 second division operations at 14 primary and no Zweitligatorerfolgen. In the Regional he came on 32 missions and 11 goals. As a long time the only native of Nuremberg and the senior professional, he was at the club very popular, its fluctuating performance, however, led to a lovingly - ironic treatment of the fans. This manifested itself " out Oechler for Germany, Klinsmann! " In Stadionruf. In Weis Main Oechler even had a fan club.

1999/2000 he played for one year for the Greek first division club AO Kavala before 2001 when he ended his career at the Bavarian Oberliga SC 04 Schwabach.

After his playing career was Oechler financial advisor. In this capacity, he advises both current and former club players like Andreas Wolf. In October 2007 he was elected to the Supervisory Board of the 1st FC Nuremberg. This he was a member until October 2011, when he was not re-elected by the members.