Marc Yor

Marc Yor ( born July 24, 1949 and † January 9, 2014 ) was a French mathematician who worked on probability theory and financial mathematics.

Yor received in 1972 his Agrégation in mathematics and his doctorate in 1976 at the University of Paris VI Pierre et Marie Curie Pierre Priouret. From 1973, he conducted research for the CNRS. From 1981 he was a professor at the Laboratoire de probabilites et Modèles Aléatoires the University Pierre et Marie Curie.

Yor concerned with stochastic processes, financial mathematics and random matrices and their connections to number theory.

From 1997 he was a corresponding and from 2003 he was a full member of the Academie des Sciences. He was a member of the Academia Europaea (2008), senior member of the Institut de France ( 2004) and received the Ordre National du Mérite. In 1986 he received the Prix Montyon the Academie des Sciences. In 1990 he was invited speaker at the International Congress of Mathematicians in Kyoto (The laws of some Brownian functionals ).

His PhD is one of Jean -François Le Gall.


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