Marcel Lüske

Marcel "The Flying Dutchman " Lüske ( born March 20, 1953 in Amsterdam) is a professional poker player from the Netherlands. Its hallmarks are an upside down sunglasses and fashionable suits, he also likes to sing, even at the poker table. Lüske is married and has two children.

Career as a poker player

Lüske learned the game of poker in smaller cafes in Amsterdam, where he was able to record fast minor successes. In 2003, he hung up his career as a merchant on the nail, to devote himself to the game of poker. In 2003 he finished 14th in the World Series of Poker Main Event 2004 even tenth. He won at the WSOP thus far been a bracelet, but still showed impressive performances, which were often rewarded with good rankings and big cash prizes. He is considered one of the best players in the world and caused a sensation thanks to his ability to read the hand strength of his opponents very well. So he got out during the 2004 WSOP from a big pot, as he guessed correctly that his opponent held two kings. He explained his decision by saying " Kings are good " ( " Kings are good"). Lüske twice won the Player of the Year Award from the European Poker Awards, most recently in 2004.

2103 exceeded his winnings from live poker 4.4 million U.S. dollars and thus leads to the ranking of the most successful Dutch poker player.

Poker Players

Lüske is considered one of the most entertaining players in the world. He is known to specifically explore the table by deposits such as singing, making faces and the like and use that advantage for themselves. At the same time Lüske still attaches importance to the observance of etiquette and is considered by many players to be friendly and clarified, in contrast to other, more aggressive players not getting carried away by insults.


  • Lüske has a black belt in karate
  • He coached the player David Williams, with whom he is good friends. When Williams had to go during the 2004 WSOP All-In, Lüske took him by the hand and said, " No fear, I'm here " ( " Fear not, I am here "). Williams won the all-in.
  • In addition to David Williams, he was also the mentor of Noah Boeken and Kirill Gerasimov.
  • His nickname " The Flying Dutchman " ( " The Flying Dutchman" ) he owes to one of the fact that he was traveling around the world much to play poker, on the other hand the fact that the KLM with which they arrive to the tournaments, has set up a club for frequent flyers with the name " the Flying Dutchman ".