Marco Marzano

Stage and Appreciation Baby Giro 2004 2nd place Brixia Tour 2006

Marco Marzano ( born June 10, 1980 in Cuggiono ) is an Italian racing cyclist.


From the beginning of his career at Marzano goes for the Italian team Lampre. Even as an amateur, he was able in 2004 to decide the Baby Giro for himself, his professional career began in the 2005 season, a year later he came to his biggest single success.; he reached the 2nd place in the Brixia tour behind Davide Rebellin. Marco Marzano has already participated at each of the three grand tours ( Vuelta, Tour, Giro ). He scored a respectable result at the Vuelta a España in 2008, which he finished in 25th place overall.

End of the 2012 season, he finished his career and takes a different position in the team.


  • 2004 Lampre
  • 2005 Lampre- Caffita
  • 2006 Lampre- Fondital
  • 2007 Lampre- Fondital
  • 2008 Lampre
  • 2009 Lampre- NGC
  • 2010 Lampre- Farnese Vini
  • 2011 Lampre- ISD
  • 2012 Lampre- ISD


  • A stage and Appreciation Baby Giro
  • 2nd place Brixia Tour