Marcus Aemilius Lepidus (consul 187 BC)

Marcus Aemilius Lepidus († 152 BC) was a politician of the Roman Republic.

He is mentioned for the first time as a member of a delegation that traveled BC 201/200 to Ptolemy V and Philip V.. After he had been praetor 191 as governor of Sicily 193 BC kurulischer aedile and he was 187 BC for the first time consul. In this office he fought against the Ligurians. In battle, he vowed a temple of Diana, which was built at the Circus Flaminius and consecrated eight years later. He commissioned the construction of the Via Aemilia, an important Roman road from Placentia (Piacenza ) to Ariminum ( Rimini). He built the Roman colonies Parma and Modena.

179 BC Lepidus, together with Marcus Fulvius Nobilior censor. The two attended including for the construction of the Basilica Aemilia and the Pons Aemilius. 175 BC Aemilius Lepidus was consul for the second time.

Since 199 Pontifex, Lepidus was 180 BC Pontifex Maximus and was until his death in 152 BC as one of the leading members of the Roman nobility.