Maren Derlien

Maren Derlien ( born December 17, 1975 in Hamburg ) is a German Riemenruderin that was active in the skull earlier.

Derlien starts for the RG Hansa Hamburg. In the junior age and in the age group of under -23 -year-old she was one of the best rowers. The World Rowing Championships 1999 in St. Catharines, it launched the first time in the adult class at the World Championships and became an instant world champion sculls together with Meike Evers, Manuela Lutze and Kerstin Kowalski. The three other rowers were in 2000 along with Manja Kowalski Olympic champions. Derlien ended her career after the non- nomination.

After a few years Derlien returned as Riemenruderin. In the 2004 Olympics she went into the world-class when it was together with Sandra Goldbach Fifth in two without coxswain. Since 2005 Derlien part of the German women's eights. For the 2008 Olympic Games Maren Derlien is nominated together with Lenka Wech in two. In this boat Wech and Derlien reached the fourth place; The two were also the eighth, but did not reach the A-final.

Maren Derlien has a degree in sports science and works as a freelance journalist.

International success