Margravine Dorothea Charlotte of Brandenburg-Ansbach

Dorothea Charlotte of Brandenburg -Ansbach (* November 28, 1661 in Ansbach, † November 15, 1705 in Darmstadt) was by marriage Countess of Hesse- Darmstadt.


Dorothea Charlotte was a daughter of Margrave Albrecht of Brandenburg -Ansbach (1620-1667) from his second marriage with Sophie Margarete (1634-1664), daughter of Count Joachim Ernst of Oettingen - Oettingen.

On December 1, 1687, she married in Darmstadt the Landgrave Ernst Ludwig of Hesse -Darmstadt. This was still up in the following year under the regency of his mother Elisabeth Dorothea of Saxe- Gotha -Altenburg.

Dorothea Charlotte, a decided Pietist, had significant influence on her husband, especially in religious matters. It succeeded in close cooperation with Philipp Jacob Spener, Pietism, whose patron was to promote critical to court and State University. After the death of Dorothea Charlotte Ernst Ludwig turned considerably from the pietism. The countess was buried in the royal crypt of the town church Darmstadt.


From their marriage Dorothea Charlotte had the following children:

  • Dorothea Sophie (1689-1723)
  • Louis VIII (1691-1768), Landgrave of Hesse -Darmstadt
  • Karl Wilhelm (1693-1707)
  • Franz Ernst (1695-1717)
  • Friederike Charlotte (1698-1777)