Margravine Louise Charlotte of Brandenburg

Louise Charlotte of Brandenburg (* September 13, 1617 in Berlin, † August 29 1676 in Jelgava ) was a princess of Brandenburg and by marriage Duchess of Courland.


Louise was the eldest child of the Elector George William of Brandenburg (1595-1640) and Elisabeth Charlotte (1597-1660), daughter of the Elector Frederick IV of the Palatinate.

They married on October 9, 1645 in Königsberg Jacob Kettler, Duke of Courland ( 1610-1682 ), specially for the wedding Simon Dach wrote a poem. Through the marriage was Jacob Schwager of the Great Elector and could coordinate its decisions with respect to its Polish policy with this. Luise Charlotte had a significant influence on the politics of Courland, whose capital Jelgava was also the center of negotiations between Poland, Russia, Brandenburg and Sweden. Luise Charlotte was described as kind, clever and brave, the essential part of the political success of her husband and the recovery of Courland had under his government.


From their marriage Luise Charlotte had the following children:

  • Friedrich Ladislaus († young)
  • Louise Elisabeth (1646-1690)
  • Christina ( † young)
  • Friedrich Kasimir (1650-1698), Duke of Courland
  • Charlotte Marie (1651-1728), Abbess of Herford
  • Amalia (1653-1711)
  • Karl Jakob (1654-1677)
  • Ferdinand (1655-1737), Duke of Courland
  • Alexander (1658-1686)