Margrethe Munthe

Margrethe Munthe Aabel ( born May 27, 1860 in Elverum (Norway ); † January 20, 1931 ) was a Norwegian teacher, novelist and children's book author.

From her mind are in addition to many children's books especially numerous to this day throughout Scandinavia popular children's songs, such as the very famous birthday song " Hooray for deg ", the Christmas carol På låven sitter ratios or the children's songs " Å jeg vet en seter ", " Vi har ei tulle ".

As a teacher, she always tried to write child-friendly songs and poems that can connect the auditorium with movements. So have many of the works sung in certain passages standardized movements, such as jumping, rotate or jump up, established. Munthe, who also taught sport, believed that the pieces could be seen by children.

Margrethe Munthe was the sister of Norwegian painter Gerhard Munthe.