Maria, Abbess of Quedlinburg

Maria of Saxe- Weimar ( born October 7, 1571 Weimar, † March 7, 1610 in Halle) was abbess of the rich immediate and free secular Quedlinburg.


Mary was a daughter of Duke Johann Wilhelm I of Saxe- Weimar (1530-1573) and his wife Countess Palatine Dorothea Susanne (1544-1592), daughter of the Elector Frederick III. of the Palatinate.

At the time of the death of her predecessor Abbess Anna III. , The provost of the congregation had died of the plague. Guardian of the canons of Quedlinburg ( the Elector of Saxony) 1601, he was still Frederick William I of Saxe- Weimar, who suggested his sister to the abbess, who was elected at once.

On July 2, 1601 Mary was confirmed by the Emperor Rudolf II as abbess. Their term of office was uneventful. She was the patrons over very compliant, which led to a diminution of the rights of the pen. Maria was responsible for the choice of Anna Margarethe von Braunschweig (1567-1643) to the provost. This was in 1593 elected Koadjutorin, the election was not confirmed by the canons. The abbess abolished the alms-bag in the churches.

On a trip to Dresden, she died unexpectedly 38 -year-old in Halle. She was buried in the collegiate church of Quedlinburg.