Maria Anna of Bavaria (1805–1877)

Maria Anna Leopoldine Elisabeth Wilhelmine von Bayern ( born January 27, 1805 in Munich, † September 13, 1877 in Wachwitz ) was a Princess of Bavaria and Queen of Saxony. She was the twin sister of the mother of Emperor Franz Joseph I., Archduchess Sophie of Austria.


Maria Anna was the daughter of King Maximilian I Joseph of Bavaria and his second wife Karoline Friederike Wilhelmine of Baden. She was the younger sister of her successor Amalie Auguste.

In 1833 she became the second wife of Friedrich August II ( 1836-1854 King of Saxony ). In October 1836, she called on the occasion of the famine in the Erzgebirge and Vogtland establishing women's associations. There was a run by her Women's Association Institute of obererzgebirgischen and Vogtland women's associations, which adopted in 1859 by a charter firm legal form: Central Committee of the obererzgebirgischen and Vogtland Women's Associations ( lasted at least until 1932 ).


After the fatal accident of her husband, King Frederick Augustus II of Saxony, who died in Brennbichl (Tyrol ) on August 9, 1854 she was a widow, a Memorial Chapel ( Royal Chapel ) built in neo-Gothic style, was consecrated on August 8, 1855.


The 1844-1877 led to correspondence between the writer Ida Hahn -Hahn ( 1805-1880 ) and Queen ( "Marie" ) is in the Fritz Reuter Literature Archive Hans -Joachim Griephan Berlin. There are 35 letters from Ida Hahn -Hahn on Marie ( July 20, 1844, November 5, 1850 to March 22, 1873 ) and 54 letters of Marie Ida Hahn -Hahn (February 5, 1859 to January 8, 1877 ).


Founded in 1839 Cainsdorf in Zwickau in Saxony her first iron works was given the name Queen Mary's hut honor.