MariaDB is a relational open source database management system and a fork ( Fork ) of MySQL. The project was initiated by MySQL's former lead developer Ulf Michael Widenius who also developed the storage engine (the one software layer, which contains the basic functionality of the database, that is, to create, read, update, delete data ) Aria, on which MariaDB builds.


Since Oracle holds the trademark rights to MySQL, and had to find new names for the database system and its storage engines. The name goes back to MariaDB Widenius ' younger daughter.


MariaDB Foundation

In December 2012, the independent MariaDB Foundation was launched by former MySQL founders Michael Widenius, David Axmark and Allan Larsson. The Foundation aims to protect the interests of users and developers of MariaDB and ensure that the database remains free really free. The objectives of the Foundation include the improvement of database technology, including the implementation of standards and ensure Interoperablilität to other databases.