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Mariager (Eng. Mary Acker ) is located on the south bank of the same deep fjord and is a small town with 2558 inhabitants of Jutland ( effective 1st January 2013) and a harbor. Mariager belonged to the municipal reform on 1 January 2007 for the Aarhus office and was the headquarters of the municipality of the same name. Since the municipal reform Mariager belongs to Mariagerfjord commune in the North Jutland.

In Mariager roses are grown and rinsed salt storage in the underground, therefore Mariager in Denmark as the City of Roses ( large nurseries ) and the salt ( Salt Museum ) is known.


In the well-preserved old town is St. Peder's Kirke, as well as the ruined church in the nearby village Hou, only as a foundation wall recognizable. The early history of the place is linked closely built with the end of the 15th century monastery of Birgittinerordens. The church dates from this time; The monastery has largely disappeared. Mariager received city rights in 1592 and flourished. Munkholm (German monk Holm ) is a park in the southern part of Mariager with forest and mineral spring " Helligkilden " ( Sacred Well ), which is called Helenenquelle today.


The veterans railway, which operates in the summer of Mariager after Handest (15 km) is also worth a visit as a trip on the paddle steamer " Svanen " on the 30 km long fjord, is particularly suited for fishing for eels. The longest ostjütländische Fjord is a fjord notch, which is 30 m deep in the center.