Marian van de Wal

Marian van de Wal ( born January 21, 1970 in Vianen ) is a Dutch- Andorran singer and owner of the hotel.


Born in the Netherlands in 1999 moved in the Andorran village of L' Aldosa, where she opened a hotel. In 2004 she participated in the talent show Eurocàsting. In the final on December 14, she was tied with singer Mar Capdevila on the first place, but was still chosen as the winner because you were the youngest member of the jury in accordance with the rules of the contract. As a winner, it should be the second representative of Andorra in the Euro Vision Song Contest, which took place in Kiev in 2005. In a separate mission they presented three titles before: No demanis, Dona'm la pau and La mirada interior, the latter emerged as the winner title. When Euro Vision Song Contest in Kiev she introduced the song in the semi-finals, where they ( including ten from Spain and seven from the Netherlands) ranked 23rd with 27 points and therefore not qualified for the final. It is still the second highest score that Andorra has achieved in the competition. Her background singers belonged Anabel Conde. The English and Catalan versions of La mirada interior have been released as a single, but this had only a moderate commercial success.

Later she wrote with guitarist Oriol Vilella some titles, including the single Waiting, which was also not a great sales success. They announced the Andorran Points Euro Vision Song Contest 2007.



  • La Mirade interior / A look inside yourself ( 2005)
  • Waiting (2007)

Other Titles

  • Breaking (2007)

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