Mariano Rivera

Mariano Rivera ( born November 29, 1969 in Panama City, Panama ) is a Panamanian baseball player in Major League Baseball. His nickname is Mo.


Mariano Rivera was born in 1969 as son of a fisherman in Panama City. In 1990 he was gedrafted of the New York Yankees. Already in his first 52 innings in the minor leagues made ​​the right-handed pitcher with an ERA attention of only 0:17 on itself. His debut in the Major Leagues gave Rivera on May 23, 1995 as the starting pitcher against the Anaheim Angels to the All-Star pitcher Chuck Finley. In the 1995 season, Rivera changed hands between the Minors and Major League, but was nominated by Buck Showalter for the American League Divisional Series against the Seattle Mariners. Here he persuaded against the Mariners despite leaving the Yankees out of the playoffs, he let in 5 1/3 innings to not run and scored eight strikeouts. In summer, the Yankees had yet begun to consider Rivera to be output to the Detroit Tigers in exchange for David Wells.

From the season 1996 Rivera was then used as Einwechselwerfer. Here he took mostly the 7th and 8th inning before Closer John Wetteland should finish the game in favor of the Yankees. Behind Pat Hentgen and Andy Pettitte Rivera was third in the choice of Cy Young Awards. The Yankees helped Rivera for the first World Series title since 1978.

John Wetteland left the Yankees after this season, and since then, Rivera is the Closer the Yankees. See many baseball experts Rivera as best Closer of all time. It was 1997, the first Yankee who got written a Save the All-Star Game benefiting. In the American League Divisional Series, however, Rivera had one of the blackest days of his baseball career. In the fourth game Rivera took over the pitching with a lead of one point of Mike Stanton. Sandy Alomar Jr. Rivera allowed a home run to compensate, the Indians made ​​another point in the 9th inning, compensated for the series and then could even Game 5 to decide for himself and eliminate the Yankees.

From 1998 to 2001 Rivera showed his convincing performance in the play-offs. He was able to win in this period 23 consecutive saves and throwing 34 1/3 consecutive innings without allowing a point. World Series victories against the San Diego Padres, Atlanta Braves and the New York Mets were the yield of 1998-2000. In the 1999 World Series against the Braves Rivera was elected MVP of the World Series. In Game 7 of the World Series in 2001 but tore the series of Rivera. At this crucial match, he lost in the 9th inning and the Yankees the lead the Arizona Diamondbacks were beaten.

2003 Rivera threw in the American League Championship Game against the Boston Red Sox in Game 7 three point -less innings and secured the Yankees thus a place in the World Series.

His best career year was 2005. His first two save chances he missed, but could use the next 31 chances in a row after that. Overall, Rivera had 43 saves in 47 opportunities with an ERA of 1.38.

On September 19, 2011, he threw in the Bronx, the 602 save his career at 6-4 - victory of his Yankees against the Minnesota Twins, which he broke Trevor Hoffman's record for most saves a single Closers.

With performances by Rivera at Yankee Stadium the song Enter Sandman by Metallica is always played. Rivera is the last player in baseball who wears the number 42. This number no player may be awarded since 1997 to more because she has retired to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the first game of Jackie Robinson, the Major League Baseball. Players who used this number before, they were allowed to wear until her career end on.