Mariastein, Tyrol

Maria Stein is with 328 inhabitants (as of 1 January 2013 ) is the smallest municipality in the district of Kufstein in Tyrol. She is one of the smallest towns in Austria.


Maria Stein is located on the central ridge of the mountain in the Lower Inn Valley Anger in the judicial district of Kufstein.

Community structure

Maria Stein is a single, same cadastral and village.

Mary Stone (2.37 km ²)

Maria Stein ( D)

The most important of the abbreviations used are:

  • M = center of the municipality
  • Stt = district
  • R = Rotte
  • W = hamlet
  • D = village
  • ZH = Scattered houses
  • Sdlg = settlement
  • E = bowery (only if they have their own town code)

The complete list that uses the Statistics Austria, can be found at Topographic settlement Labelling according to STAT

Please note that some places may have different spellings. So Katastralgemeinden write differently than the same localities.

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Neighboring communities

Culture and sights

Maria Stein is the goal of many pilgrims to the famous pilgrimage church. The castle with its approximately 42 m high keep was formerly the backup of the old Roman road, as this still led along the left Innufer. The Church in the tower is over 150 steps. The standing on a rock residential tower (42 m) from the 14th century was named after a miracle Marie in the 18th century to the Sanctuary. In the castle is the " Prince Hall" with richly carved coffered ceiling, a museum with the Tyrolean Erzherzogshut and the original Gothic Chapel of Grace (conversion from 1682 to 1685 ) with grace Mother of God ( 1450 ) and Rococo altar ( 18th century).

Graces of God

Tyrolean Erzherzogshut ( Copy in the parish church of Maria Steiner )