Marie Claire

Marie Claire is a French women's magazine for fashion. It is published in France and as an English edition in the U.S., UK and Australia. In addition, Marie -Claire appears in Brazil, Malaysia, Hungary, South Africa, Turkey, the Netherlands and Russia. In Germany she appeared in the years 1990-2003 in the publisher Gruner Jahr.

The first edition was published by Jean Prouvost in 1937 and later appeared weekly. 1942, the publication was discontinued at the instigation of the German occupiers. It was not until 1954, the magazine reappeared, now monthly. In 1976 the company was taken over by Prouvosts daughter Evelyne Prouvost. In 1994 the first English edition in the United States.

Today the magazine is part of the Hearst Corporation, with headquarters in New York. Key topics include fashion, beauty and health. The target group are women worldwide.