Marie Glory

Marie Glory ( born Raymonde Louise Marcelle Toully; born March 3, 1905 in Mortagne -au -Perche, Orne, † January 24, 2009 in Cannes) was a French film actress.


Her film debut was in 1924 under the stage name Arlette Genny, she used as a bit player in Raymond Bernard's monumental historical epic Le miracle des loups until 1927. Since then, she has performed under the name Marie Glory.

In the more than three-hour German - French co-production The Money (1928 ) by Marcel L' Herbier she played the female lead with Brigitte Helm and Pierre Alcover. With Henri Fescourts film adaptation of the Dumas novel The Count of Monte Cristo, she starred opposite Jean Angelo, Lil Dagover and Gaston Modot star in another German - French co-production. Under Géza von Bolváry they stood in 1929 in Germany for father and son in front of the camera.

Leo mediator Le Roi de Paris ( 1930) was her first sound film. She has performed with Serbian actor Ivan Petrovich. In the 1930s she played mostly lead roles, including German productions of directors Ewald André Dupont (Le deux mondes ), Hans Steinhoff ( Madame ne veut pas d' enfants ) and Wilhelm Thiele. In 1938, she played the Pepita in Jacques Feyders Les gens du voyage. In 1939 she had her last major role.

During the time of World War II and afterwards ( 1939-1951 ) she appeared in only one film. In the early 1950s she was involved in the Italian film productions, but got only minor roles. Her last appearance in a feature film was in 1960, after which it was short for television acting.

Mid-1990s, it was Kevin Brownlow's documentary on the history of silent film in the central European countries Kino Europa ( Cinema Europe: The Other Hollywood) interviewed.