Marie Myriam

Marie Myriam (real name: Myriam Lopes ) ( born May 8, 1957 in Luluabourg ( Kananga ), Democratic Republic of the Congo ) is a French singer of Portuguese descent.

The greatest success of her career, she celebrated in 1977 by winning the Euro Vision Song Contest. At the competition, which was held on 7 May 1977 UK Wembley, she sat down with her surprisingly traded as outsiders Chanson L' oiseau et l' enfant ( dt: " The Bird and the Child" ) (composer: Jean -Paul Cara, text: Joe Gracy ) just against the local favorites Lynsey de Paul & Mike Moran by.

Myriam has released numerous albums in their career. The last French winner, she was invited since 1997 almost every year, during the transmission of song contests to submit the results of the French jury.

2007 she released her album Encore with titles of the 1980s, new versions of older pieces, but also completely new songs. 2008, Tous les anges Christmas album followed chantent.