Mariental, Germany

Mariental is a municipality in the district of Helmstedt in Lower Saxony ( Germany ). The community Mariental is a member municipality of the velvet municipality Grasleben.


Mariental is about 7 kilometers north of the county town of Helmstedt in the Natural Park Elm Lappwald. The municipality is located on the international border to Saxony -Anhalt.

Community structure

The community Mariental consists of two districts:

  • Mariental Village
  • Mariental -Horst


Mariental village is the senior district. He grew up around the monastery, founded in 1138 Mariental. The district Mariental -Horst has only existed since 1945, after the abandonment of the former air base.


The Council of the Municipality of Mariental is made up of 11 council women and councilors.

  • 5 seats SPD council group Mariental
  • 4 seats CDU fraction Mariental
  • 2 seats Marientaler fraction

(As at municipal election, September 11, 2011)

CDU fraction Mariental and Marientaler fraction form the Mayor majority in the Council.

By the Council were elected:

  • As honorary mayor Kurt Bartsch (CDU )
  • The volunteer community director Friedrich Rietz

(As inaugural meeting of the Council, November 3, 2011 )


  • Walter Naumann was appointed on 23 February 2006 for his commitment to the community and the volunteer fire department an honorary citizen.
  • Hans Hennig was appointed on 18 May 2008 for his commitment to the community, clubs and associations, and the development of the village chronicle an honorary citizen.

Culture and sights

  • Monastery Mariental, here the Duke Joachim Karl von Braunschweig -Wolfenbüttel is buried were
  • Lappwald


The largest employer is the Meisterbäckerei stone corner, with other bakeries in Bernburg (Saale ) and Berlin and many small retail shops throughout Germany.


Mariental is located right on the main road 244, which meets in two kilometers to the Federal Highway 2 from Hannover to Berlin.