Marija Naumova

Marija Naumova ( born June 23, 1973 in Riga) is a Latvian pop and musical singer. Your international artist name is Marie N.


Marija's parents are of Russian origin. Marija came through her ​​mother, who is professional actress, in early childhood to theater and played her first role at the age of 10 years. As a singer, however, starting in 1994, it came into existence, when she participated in talent competitions nationwide. From 1997, she worked with Raimonds Pauls, in Russian her first solo album До светлых слёз, composed and published. Since it appeared in 1998 as part of the 100th anniversary of George Gershwin and another concert with their participation appeared on CD, it has a strong presence in the Latvian media.

Criticism from Estonia and Lithuania they learned through their statements, according to which would be disadvantaged in the Baltic republics of ethnic and political motives Russian artists.

In 2000, she took the first time at the Latvian preliminary round of the Euro Vision Song Contest, from the Prata Vetra but emerged victorious with singer Renārs Kaupers that eventually took third place in Stockholm. Their first album in Latvian, Ieskaties ACIS, appeared in the same year, in collaboration with renowned artists in Latvia classical music as Elina Garanca. This album received in Latvia 2001, the platinum award as best-selling recordings.

After a second place behind Arnis Mednis in the same year at the Euro Vision preliminary decision with the song Hey Boy Follow Me she won this in the following year with I Wanna and was in Tallinn winner of the Euro Vision Song Contest in 2002, she in 2003 together with Renārs Kaupers Prata Vetra from Riga moderated.

Naumova is goodwill envoy of UNICEF.


  • До светлых слёз (1998)
  • Ieskaties ACIS (2000)
  • Ma Voix, Ma Voie (2001)
  • On A Journey ( 2002)
  • Noslēpumi (2002)
  • Nesauciet sev līdzi (2004)
  • Another Dream (2005)
  • Lullabies (2010)