Marilyn (hill)

As Marilyn's are labeled according to a proposal by the hiking writer Alan Dawson hills or elevations in the British Isles, which have a relative height of at least 150 meters ( 492 feet over ). Total to date 2009 Marilyns were identified in 1216 in Scotland, 455 in Ireland (66 of them in Northern Ireland), 176 in England, 157 in Wales and 5 on the Isle of Man. The name Marilyn A. Dawson coined in reference to the American actress Marilyn Monroe and alluding to the Scottish mountains, called Munros.


Admittedly, many of the highest mountains in the British Isles to the Marilyns, such as the Ben Nevis, Scafell Pike and Snowdon, but other well-known mountains, including Munros, do not belong to it. So missing about Bowfell, the Langdale Pikes and Carnedd Dafydd the relative height to be added to the list. Other mountains on the edge of the Lake District can be found but in the list because they are isolated from the high mountains. Some of the Marilyns are no mountains in the true sense, as the highest point of the Weald is located in the city Crowborough. At the extremes are the two pillars of the surf Stac Lee and Stac an Armin, lying 130 km west of Scotland in the St. Kilda archipelago. Tourist hills of so-called Peak Baggers are visited, with the aim to climb as much as possible and to subscribe to a list.