Marilyn Lloyd

Marilyn Laird Lloyd ( born January 3, 1929 in Fort Smith, Arkansas) is a former American politician. Between 1975 and 1995, she represented the state of Tennessee in the U.S. House of Representatives.


Rachel Marilyn Laird, so her maiden name, attended until 1945 Western Kentucky College High School in Bowling Green. She then studied at the University of Alabama in Selma. Then she graduated to 1960 to study at Shorter College in Rome (Georgia ). In Dalton, she ran her own radio station. She was also the owner and manager of the company's executive aviation in Winchester ( Tennessee).

In her first marriage, she was married to the television presenter Mort Lloyd. This was nominated as the candidate of the Democratic Party for the midterm elections of 1974. Even before the election, he died in a plane crash. Thereafter, the nomination went to his widow. In the following elections, she was in the third electoral district of Tennessee in the U.S. House of Representatives in Washington DC chosen, where they became the successor of LaMar Baker on January 3, 1975. After nine elections she was able to complete in Congress until January 3, 1995 ten legislative periods. There she was a member of the scientific committee for the entire 20 years of their conference affiliation. From 1983 to 1995 she was also sitting in the Armed Services Committee. They also belonged from 1975 to 1987 the Committee on Public Works to. Lloyd was also temporarily a member of the Commission, which deals with the aging process.

Since 1978 she was married to his second wife until their divorce in 1983, with Joseph Bouquard. During this time, she was under the name Marilyn Lloyd Bouquard in Congress. In 1991 she married the now deceased physician Robert Fowler. In 1994 she gave up for reelection. She now lives in retirement.