Marin Radu

Marin Radu, also Marin Radu II ( born March 15, 1956 in Mareş, county Arges ) is a former Romanian football player. He played a total of 385 games in the highest Romanian league, the Divizia A, and won in 1986 the European Cup of Champions.


Marin Radu began playing football at FC Arges Pitesti and moved there at the beginning of the season 1974/75 in the first team, which played in the highest Romanian league, the Divizia A. On August 11, 1974, he made ​​his debut, where he immediately scored a goal. This he immediately became a regular player and for many years the top scorer of his team. Until he left for FC Arges 1983 Olt Scorniceşti a year he once won the Romanian Cup and was top scorer.

The FC Olt was merely an intermediate stage of his career. Although he is no longer so much in appearance occurred as in previous years as a scorer, the Romanian giants Steaua Bucharest secured his services. After two championships and one cup victory Radu was in 1986 part of the team that could win against FC Barcelona the European Champions Cup. In the final Radu was, however, applied only after the extension.

After this success, Radu went back to his home club Arges Pitesti before it during the winter break 1987/88 to FC Inter Sibiu in the second highest league, which Divizia B, drove him. After the direct ascent, he played two years at Inter, but switched in 1990 to local rivals Soimii IPA Sibiu in the Divizia B because he no longer regularly was used. In 1991 Radu ended his career.


Radu was 1976-1982 only seven missions for the Romanian national football team, where he remained without a goal. His debut celebrated on 12 May 1976 to Bulgaria.


  • European Cup Winners ' Cup: 1986
  • Romanian champion: 1979, 1985, 1986
  • Romanian Cup Winners: 1985
  • Romanian scorer: 1979, 1981