Marina the Monk

Marina of Bithynia, (Marina Latin for " the end of living by the sea " ) lived according to tradition, in the 5th or 6th century in Bithynia.

Little is known about Marina, a legendary tradition from the 5th century, according to them was together with her widowed father and as a boy disguised under the name Marinos in a Syrian monastery was added. As a woman the alleged monk Marinos accused of being the father of her illegitimate child, Marinos left the monastery ( in another narration it was after many humiliations finally from the Community offend ) and took care of later in a hermitage on the outskirts of the child. Only after her death it became apparent that it had been in fact a woman.

In Christian iconography, she is depicted either in the guise of a consecrated virgin or as a hermit.