Marina Vlady

Marina Vlady ( Catherine Marina de Poliakoff - Baïdaroff; born May 10, 1938 in Clichy, Ile -de -France ) is a French actress.

Marina Vlady's parents, opera singer Vladimir de Poliakoff and the Showgirl Militza Enwald, both from Russia and from there fled before the October Revolution in France. Even as a child she appeared in the Paris Opera Ballet. In the 1950s she appeared in Italian, French and German films as the seductive teenager. The 1955 film shot The blonde witch (La sorcière ) became a popular success, while in 1963 for the title role in Marco Ferreri's L' ape regina (English release title The Queen Bee ) Best Actor Award at the Film Festival of Cannes in 1963 and a Golden Globe nomination won. In 1967, she played the title role in Jean -Luc Godard's Two or Three Things I Know About Her (2 ou 3 choses que je sais d' elle ). For her part in Bernard Paul Sudden Desire (Le temps de vivre ), she received the 1970 Étoile de Cristal.

In 1970 she married the actor and singer Vladimir Vysotsky Soviet and lived a long time in the Soviet Union. Their findings, published in 1987 memories of her husband who died in 1980 were in the USSR became a bestseller. In German, the book appeared in 1991 under the title " A love between two worlds - My Life with Vladimir Vysotsky ". Her sister Olga Baïdar - Poliakoff (1928-2009) was television director, the sisters Tania (1930-1980) and Militza (1932-1988) were actresses.

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