Marinaleda, Spain

Marinaleda is a municipality in the Andalusian province of Seville in Spain, in the comarca of Sierra Sur de Sevilla. On 1 January 2013, the 24.82 km ² large community numbered 2771 inhabitants.

Local Politics

The municipality is governed since 1979 by the Euro Communist mayor Juan Manuel Sánchez Gordillo ( Izquierda Unida / IU ). In the local elections of 2007, the Euro Communists of 7 IU received and the members of the Partido Socialista Obrero Español ( PSOE) 4 seats in the 11- member parliament. In the local elections in May 2011, the IU received 9 seats ( 73.1 %) and the PSOE 2 ( 21.4 %).

Cooperative projects are financed both by the Andalusian Regional Government and by the EU.


The place is located in an agricultural environment. Crops grown among other artichokes, beans, peppers and olives. Major employer in the village is the agricultural cooperative association El Humoso, whose products are sold on the brand Humar. A significant part of the economic and construction activity takes place in self-government. Approximately one in four residents will receive grants from the Plan de Empleo Rural (PER), a regional program for increasing employment in rural areas of Andalusia and Extremadura.


The population figures are stable to slightly increasing in recent years.